INTERACTIVE SPECTACLE  The Redwood City Improvement Association had a vision of giving empty storefronts new life between renters. Fresh AV pitched multiple ideas for interactive and non-interactive content featuring both characters and abstract videos. The RCIA decided they wanted some of everything, so seasonal and abstract content was created to draw in locals and visitors of all ages.

To accomplish this build with two separate carts, Fresh AV provided custom built servers, Touch Designer programming, 6k projectors, Kinect cameras, custom built road cases from Jelco, translucent projection screen material, and hours upon hours of content rendering. These projection carts move around Downtown Redwood City for temporary installs.


DIGITAL FINGER PAINTING  Redwood City is home to many public events and the RCIA is constantly bringing creative and unique ideas to the table to keep up with this fast-growing city. As the preferred AV vendor for the RCIA, Fresh AV proposed a digital art project for families that could be saved and shared. Utilizing a ViewSonic 55” 10-point touch screen display kiosk with a custom built server, Touch Designer programming, fun interactive backdrops and black and white images of local landmarks from Redwood City to color in, kids could play and design to their heart’s content. With a “save” button a screenshot of the current design is taken and saved so the creator can capture and share their imaginings.

PARKS, RECREATION & COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT  Redwood City PRCS reached out to the RCIA and Fresh AV to utilize the Digital Finger Painting touchscreens to help them with a local survey to determine the best location to build a new park. Representatives from Parks & Rec were able to use local maps to open a dialogue and take notes with residents and kids were able to draw what they wanted to see at the park.


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LEMO Mona Lisa 2018  Fresh AV has proudly worked with the LEMO Foundation for years and was excited to jump into their 2018 Mona Lisa fundraiser.  Over five days LEMO's gym in Redwood City, CA, formerly The Foundry gym, was striped and reimagined for an inspiring and empowering night of recognition and appreciation for the LEMO supporters and kids.  In collaboration with Satis&fy, Now & Zen Productions, Riverview Systems Group, Treehouse Designs, Hot Rod Shop and the incredible LEMO volunteers, Fresh AV brought in our badass AV crew, Drew serving as TD for the main stage and Jessie as production manager.  We are honored by the opportunity to work with the brilliant and creative young minds of LEMO to transform their space and exceed their imaginations.

To support the LEMO Foundation visit

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MAGIC LANTERN  The Redwood City Improvement Association wanted to create an evening attraction to bring more visitors to the downtown area.  To implement a projection mapping show downtown, the RCIA partnered with the Fox Theatre to house the projectors and media server system, the San Mateo County History Museum to act as the weekly projection screen, former local AV company Tekamaki to design and install the video system, Bart Kresa to design the content, and Fresh AV to design and install the audio system.  

For the last three years, The Magic Lantern show has been a huge success in bringing more foot traffic to the downtown area.  This year, to celebrate Redwood City's 150th Anniversary, the content featured 150 years of Redwood City history.

Fresh AV has since taken over the management, operation and maintenance of the media server and projection aspects of this show.  The Magic Lantern show can be viewed from Courthouse Square in Downtown Redwood City, CA on Tuesday nights between April and November.


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NOT YOUR TYPICAL GALA  The San Francisco Art Institute Gala is known as The Original Disrupter. Their second annual event featured over twelve bars and lounges throughout campus created by the students, while Marbles Found partnered with Fresh AV to create outdoor experiences highlighting alumni and donor art.  Each area had it's own lighting, audio and visual experience, including an alumni DJ, a silent disco and historical photo projections.  Burning Man artist David Best created a temple and two chandeliers to be auctioned off at the event, and Fresh AV was proud to "light up" his creations.

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INSIDE THE INTEL STUDIO  When Ogilvy Public Relations held a press event at Intel Studios in San Francisco, they needed a perfect video and audio record as well as a clean look that wouldn't distract from their panel of speakers.